LifeBrite’s Expansion Ensures Future Of Local Treatment Options, Christian Fletcher Says

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite

The July quarterly meeting that focused on future endeavors for LifeBrite Hospital Group revealed that the company has a number of growth strategies that have since been put in play. According to the Early County News newspaper of Blakely, Georgia, Christian Fletcher, of LifeBrite, met with officials from the Hospital Authority, HC Marketing and M Systems to discuss a bankruptcy expansion bid and installation of an electronic medical records system. This productive and “informative” meeting, according to LifeBrite’s Christian Fletcher, goes to show that the hospital group has big plans for its growth in the state of Georgia and beyond.

Per the article, the crux of the meeting was to start planning for the future of Pioneer Health Services. That’s because LifeBrite had in June 2017 submitted a successful asset purchase agreement of Pioneer, which had been doing business as Pioneer Community Hospital of Early. As a hospital management group, the Lilburn, Georgia-based LifeBrite and Christian Fletcher provide solutions to other medical operations that are facing an uncertain future. According to the company’s website, LifeBrite “knows how important it is to have local, reliable health care services.” As such, the company plays a crucial support role so health networks don’t collapse and workers — as well as patients — retain that local resource.

“We had a very informative and beneficial Q&A session earlier with the hospital department heads,” LifeBrite’s Christian Fletcher said, according to the newspaper. LifeBrite’s chief financial officer was also quoted as saying that the company is “really happy with the people here” and complemented Pioneer for being “really dedicated and committed.” Following the asset purchase agreement, the newspaper notes that a six-month-long “transition agreement” was to commence. This is hardly the first foray into acquisitions and ownership for LifeBrite and Christian Fletcher. The newspaper points out that the company has already acquired Danbury, North Carolina’s Pioneer Community Hospital of Stokes by the time it eyed Pioneer Early.