LifeBrite Laboratories Can Deliver Fast, Accurate Medication Compliance Test Results

From one end of the medical spectrum to the other, LifeBrite Laboratories has got clients covered. Medical professionals looking to verify a patient’s medication compliance can benefit from a full breadth of chemistry, toxicology and genetic testing services that are designed to deliver accuracy. The promise that Christian Fletcher of LifeBrite Labs consistently delivers is one that’s rooted in precision results, easy-to-read reports and vital information that can improve lives. As CEO of LifeBrite Labs, Christian Fletcher is responsible for overseeing the vital functions that his national clinical reference laboratory performs – starting with medication compliance.

According to the World Health Organization, half of those prescribed medications do not take them properly. The end result of this is increased rates of deaths and billions of dollars incurred in healthcare costs. As LifeBrite Laboratories’ CEO Christian Fletcher realized long ago, patient care can be immediately improved when using the information gleaned from accurate medication testing. When a medical professional orders oral fluid or urine toxicology testing, what’s in their patient’s system will be revealed and the easy-to-read results made available to doctors in an average of 24 to 48 hours. There are many reasons why patients fail to take their medication as instructed. According to the American Heart Association, this ranges from forgetfulness to not being able to afford the rising cost of drugs. For medical professionals looking to ascertain proper knowledge about a patient’s behavior, LifeBrite Laboratories can use a variety of metabolic, hepatic, electrolyte and renal function panels to get a better look at glucose, proteins and much more.

Christian Fletcher, CEO of LifeBrite Labs, will tell you that this facility has come a long way since its founding as a toxicology lab and now works in concert with a wide range of healthcare professionals including primary care physicians, pain management physicians, substance abuse recovery facilities, OB/GYN practices and more. With well-established and informative testing methodology, medical professionals who use LifeBrite will quickly and accurately learn information that is vital to their client’s well-being. The net result of these efforts is knowing if a patient’s overall health is on the rise.  When you need results, this Atlanta, Georgia-based operation, voted “Best Medical Laboratory” in 2016 and 2017, is the one to trust. This is evident by a recent inspection that lauded LifeBrite Laboratories for the standards it maintains and its commitment to quality. In the survey letter, the COLA laboratory accreditation bureau acknowledged LifeBrite for an inspection that revealed no citations.